Sport & Performance

Movement is the foundation of performance. Without fundamentally sound biomechanics, an athlete will always fall short of their potential. My approach is to first identify what movement is missing, then through a series of exercises and brain training, reintroduce the movements back into the body.

From my experience of working with people in a variety of sports, including myself, I have seen first hand the power of movement.

Performance Through Movement
Strength and Power

Once an athlete has a basic understanding and ability to perform basic human movements, the whole approach becomes a lot more intense and these movement patterns can be trained to perform at a whole new level. This is where we get super specific, not only to the sport in which we are training for, but for the individual performing that sport. After all, in most cases, no two people are the same. Check out the video library for some fun and innovative exercise approaches.

Movement Assessment

This includes a static posture assessment followed by a dynamic movement assessment. Following assessment, there will be a prescription of exercises tailored to improve performance.

8 Week Sports Performance Package

This is an 8 week programme specific to your sport or event, focusing on what your body needs to improve performance. This package includes initial assessments, 2 session per week, a tailored training programme and a nutrition plan. 

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What's the Process?

Client and professional golfer, Will Roebuck, competing at Nicaragua. Will has been plagued with injuries in the past, many due to poor movement patterns. Now, after some hard work, he is reaching a place where he can focus on his golf without being limited by his movement (or lack thereof).

  • Consultation​​​

    • Looking at your history, current/past training and nutrition strategies​.

    • Discussing aspirations and goals, and a strategy on how to achieve these.

  • Assessment/Screening

    • Static Posture​ - what position does your body's structures favour?

    • Dynamic movement assessment, exploring what movements are missing, and what effects this may be causing to other structures.

  • Exercises for Performance/Correction

    • Re-integrating movements your body has been missing (possible for many years)​

    • Strengthening movement patterns and functional lines to optimise athletic performance.

will roebuck in golf tournament wearing titleist hat

Client, Mairead, getting into some great positions and showing effortless movement after suffering a spiral fracture to her tibia just 2 years prior to this, 

assessng footposture an increasig movement and mobility

Manipulating the shape of the foot and the way it moves using wedges. Margarita has a long history as a professional dancer, her feet have definitely taken a hit. Looking to restore movement in the foot to relieve pressure further up the chain.