Nutrition & Transformation

Are You Aware of What You Eat?

One of the first questions you need to ask yourself is "Am I actually aware of what I'm eating?" You may think you are, but when you really think about it, you probably aren't. Do you get enough vitamins and minerals, are you in an energy deficit or surplus? Are you a serial dieter? Do you eat nutrient rich foods? Are the food choices you make energy dense? There are so many questions you can ask, and once you are aware, nutrition can become very simple. However the MOST IMPORTANT question you should ask yourself is.... "Is my nutrition right for ME? And in line with MY goals?"

body transformation, weight los, fat loss, before and after, lean mass

My personal transformation, showing the power of nutrition. The frequency/style of training I was undergoing changed very little during this transformation, it was simply a change of nutritional strategy.

What Do You Get From a Coach?

As mentioned already (you'll get bored of hearing this..) every client requires a unique approach to training and nutrition. There is no one size fits all, no 'best diet'. Carbs are not evil, some people will tolerate them better than others, some people require more than others. We don't all need to be meat/dairy/gluten/flavour free.... we just need to identify the best approach for you. As a coach, the first step is always a consultation, to find out what state your current nutrition is in. The first step will usually be to eliminate deficiencies, normalise hormone/body functions, and ensure we are eating whole foods and minimising processed foods. Once we have this foundation in place, we can start looking at more detailed nutrition strategies.

meal prep, nutrition for fat loss gtting lean and weight loss

Preparing food can be intimidating.... but is actually quite simple, cost effective, time efficient and great value. Also... Colourful!

A Plan Tailored to YOU

A nutriton plan can vary from a laid back, flexible approach to a strict, detailed approach involving measurements and meal timing. Both can be highly effective. Again, the approach best for you will vary depending on several factors, e.g. training goals, time restraints, budget, personality type or competition level. My role as a coach is to identify what approach gives the highest chance of success, with the best possible results, and will install life changing habits to help you reach your optimal health and performance.

precision nutrition

As a Precision Nutrition coach, our philosophy is always to optimise health and identify individual client needs, there is no 'Ultimate Diet' or 'One Size Fits All'

Online Nutrition Programme

This will include a consultation face to face or via Skype. From this, you will receive a nutrition plan tailored to you, weekly check ins, weekly updates if required and ongoing support throughout. This can be combined with training sessions and/or a training programme. This is included as part of the 8 week, 12 week or monthly packages.

12 Week Body Transformation Package

This is a 12 week programme to transform your body, whether it be for fat loss, muscle gain or athletic performance. The package includes one Personal Training session per week, a nutrition and training program tailored to the individual and adjusted as and when required during the 12 week period. (Options with more frequent training are available). 

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