Movement & Mobility

From the Ground Up
foot biomechanics

Mobility starts from the ground up. The majority of the contact we have with the ground is through our feet. By assessing how the feet move, and how they are at rest, we can gain a lot of information about how the rest of the body may move. If you have chronic pain somewhere in your body, and there has been no trauma to that area, the feet are a great place to start! Remember that ankle sprain you had 20 years ago?..... maybe that has been causing a chain reaction upwards, and caused a change to your movement for all those years!

Full Body 3D Approach

The human body is capable of many things, we need to train it to move freely in three dimensions. Training individual muscles in a straight line can have its benefits, but it is only a small piece of the puzzle. We need to retrain the body to work as one unit, the way it was when we were a child, before the modern lifestyle changed the way our bones/joints/muscles move, or in most cases, don't move.

assssmet of foot posture
posture, tretching, mobilisation, yoga
anatomy in motion wedges
Anatomy in Motion

Working with the philosophy of Gary Ward and his Anatomy in Motion model has taken movement to the next level. By inviting the body to experience movements it has been missing, we can create a whole new experience for the joints, bones, brain and nervous system. This approach is individual, specific and effective.

Movement Assessment

This includes a static posture assessment followed by a dynamic movement assessment. Following assessment there will be a prescription of corrective exercises.

8 Week Ultimate Movement Package

This is an 8 week programme with 2 sessions per week. This includes assessments, movement pattern training and strength work. For those looking to drastically improve understanding and control of their own body, to be able to move freely and effortlessly and pain free.

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