Working on movement and mobility by using exercise and strength traiing for anathlete andprevent ijury
About Me
I have been in the fitness industry since 2011. I have worked with a wide range of clients from on the go business people, professional athletes, sports teams and transformation clients. Specialising in human movement, I have a full body approach to health and fitness.
Assessng mobility and movement foran athlete for his sport.

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My Philosophy
  • The human body works as one whole unit in three dimensions. Let's train like it!

  • Health is physical, mental and chemical. Movement, brain function and nutrition are key!

  • If there is movement missing somewhere in your body, it will be compensated for elsewhere!

  • Performance will always be limited by lack of good quality movement in your body!

Foot and ankle biomechnics, windlas mechanism
a golfer using a driver to ht a gof ball
meal prep, nutrition to burn fat ose weight